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Music in the Distance

Live streaming event for St. Patrick's Day
March 17th, 2020

This year, St. Patrick's day gigs have generally been cancelled, wiping out a big chunk of "wages" for Culann's Hounds and many of our friends. Like Christmas is to retail, March is to Irish musicians. So we at Culann's Hounds headquarters decided to organize some of our player friends to live stream Irish music for as much of St. Patrick's Day as possible. BYOB, of course, since you'll be at your own house! 


Each performer below will have their own stream (click on the word Facebook), and there you will find a link to support them.  Donate, go to their website and buy something, share widely!

Join us on Facebook for live streaming all day from

Lucia Comnes in Italy Noon Pacific Facebook Event

Renee de la Prade in Germany 1 PM Pacific  Facebook

Colm O'Riain solo fiddle from San Francisco 2 PM Pacific Facebook

Tricia Fairman Riley in Portland at 5 PM Pacific Facebook

Ockham's Razor in Seattle 6 PM Pacific Facebook

The Gentlemen Soldiers in Napa 7 PM Facebook

Culann's Hounds in San Francisco  7:30 PM Pacific Facebook

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