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"Without doubt one of the rising young stars of the genre." Hybrid Magazine --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- “The innate strength of Cuchullain,” “Excellent San Francisco Irish group…with lots of energy.” - The Irish Herald --------------------------------------------------------------- I think San Francisco’s’ Culann’s Hounds are probably the best traditional Irish group in the US at the moment or at least the best I’ve heard. Culann’s Hounds perform rich, authentic trad., with passion and feeling and without any of that paddywack crap that is so common in trad. circles in the US. John Murphy, --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- . The Hounds have been growing in stature on the San Francisco music scene for six years now and their unique fusion of “core values” Irish trad and high energy - almost punk - rock, has brought them within striking distance of a national breakthrough. The list of Celtic music greats for whom they have opened could not be more impressive: Paddy Keenan, Martin Hayes, Liam Clancy, Lunasa, Tommy Peoples, The Boys of the Lough, Solas, Susan McKeown, Josephine Marsh, Gary Shannon, Andrew MacNamara, Tempest and Seven Nations. The Hounds, seen live, are something to behold. Raucous, rollicking performances and a stage presence that exudes raw energy and fun are trademarks of this quartet. Liam Cassin, The Irish Herald -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I can't imagine that there's better Traditional Irish music being played anywhere out on the left coast. As a musician who works in the Irish music scene in and around NYC I can honestly say that if these guys were around here I'd be out of work (or at least asking them for a job). In my opinion, this is a group that can hold their own against any of today's Trad-Irish heavyweights including: Solas, Danu and Dervish. Denny McCarthy (all Ireland fiddle and whistle champion from NYC's Shilelagh Law)

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