Ed Kelleher 1938 – 2014

Posted on: February 18th, 2014 by Michael Kelleher 10 Comments

Ed and his mother.

Ed stands ready in Viet Nam

Ed, Ted, Ned, and Mike, 1970

Ed an Ned in Colorado 1975

1996 Sphinx Lake Trip Ed and Ned

Ed, Ned and Mike, 1998

Ed, Cathy and Hank, 2000.

Hank on Ed's Shoulders 2001

Ed, Ned, and Ginger, Lake Tekapo, NZ, 2003


Ed and Grandsons, 2004

Ed's best brown

Red on a fly! Alaska, 2012

Arctic Char, Alaska, 2012

Northern Pike, Alaska, 2012


Ed, the Roadie

Ed and the Hounds

Caitlin loves Ed

Ed baptizes his godson, Bode, 2011.

Ed, Hank, and Jonjo make good roommates! 2011 - 2013.

Ed's selfie, 2013



Ed, Mel, John, and Ron at Euchiniko Lake, BC, Canada


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  1. Please feel free to post remembrances of Ed. If you would like to add a photo, send it to photos@epkmemorial.com.

  2. Michael Kelleher says:

    Check out Craig Nielsen’s tribute to Ed at

  3. Jason Cockrum says:

    So sorry for your loss. I’m glad I got the opportunity to guide Ed and hang out with all of you guys that night. Ed is probably in the front of Gabe’s drift boat right now catching Chrome.

  4. John Cronin says:

    I have a lot of great memories of Ed in our youth. We spent many days together in and around HINGHAM harbor. He always led the way. I am so glad I got to see him, his son and there band play one night in Fall River Ma a few years ago. I will miss him. I am so sorry for his families great loss John Cronin

  5. Ron Coulter says:

    Ned and Michael and family,
    So Sorry to hear of your Dad’s passing. Even knowing that his end was coming swiftly, it is still a sad time. We met in 1980 at the Navy PG School when I was a student and one of his Assistant Scoutmasters (when I had time). When I returned to Monterey, I was happy to renew the friendship which by then included fly fishing and the Fly Casters Club. We spent a memorable week at Euchiniko Lake in British Columbia fishing the Blackwater River.
    He will be missed. He was a good soldier and a good fly fisherman. My sincerest condolences to you all,

  6. Karen Tierney says:

    The world was a much better place with Ed in it.
    I will always toast Slainte’ – for him. KT

  7. Keith Snider says:

    Ed was my boss at TRADOC Research Element Monterey (TREM) during 1982-1983. He was also the first Chief of TREM, an office that continues today as TRADOC Analysis Center, Monterey (TRAC-Monterey). He was a key player in the development of brigade-level high-resolution combat simulations used by the Army in making force structure and weapons acquisition decisions. He was a terrific officer to work for — he made sure that we had lots of interesting work to do, and also that we had lots of fun doing it.

  8. Linda Cooper says:

    Ed was my favorite house guest when visiting (for fishing of course) with his son, Michael. This is not said lightly, because my husband and I are shy about visitors.

  9. Steve Gardner says:

    Ed was a good companion in so many ways. He is dearly missed. The next generation of trout fishing Irish music junkies has some big shoes to fill.

  10. Dennis Mar says:

    I first met Ed in the early 1980′s through my job at the Naval Postgraduate School computer center. Even if you only met him casually, it would be clear that Ed fell into the “great guy” category. After I retired, I was glad that I could always count seeing Ed at any appearance of Culann’s Hounds on the Monterey Peninsula. While he accomplished already everything that is important in life, it is sad that we couldn’t have a little more time with him.